Since you’ve found your way to this page I suppose you’re looking to find out more about the author of this blog.

My name is Andrea. If asked to describe myself in one word I will freeze up. I once narrowed myself down to the smallness of “resourceful” because I do tend to use everything around me to create and renew the mental or physical space I happen to be occupying.

I have to admit, I am not cool. Social interactions often lead to awkward pauses and bungled jokes. I enjoy books more than most people because fictional characters have no expectations of you.

I am a nurse, choreographer, cheer coach, home school mom, and all-around nerd. North Carolina has always been my home with my husband, two daughters, and most of my family. (This is the South, after all. We tend to stick around.)

 I love to read and can always be found with a book (or e-book) in my purse. When I have to return to reality I spend my time annoying my children, DIY’ing, sewing, trying out new recipes and cooking from scratch , and napping when I get the chance. I’ve also been known to be a sore loser at board games and love to kill monsters in RPGs. 

Just don’t invite me to go bungee jumping or to be in your mosh pit. I will suddenly be very hard to find.

If you have any questions for me or a suggestion for a post (or book to read) I would love to hear from you!



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