Quill – Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Quill

The envelope was heavier than it looked. Samantha knew who it was from before she turned it over. Her grandmother’s talent with paper was enviable to say the least. The house was covered in tiny, intricate, rolled and shaped paper strips. It took hours to make a single flower yet anyone close enough to be considered a friend received a personalized quilled card for special occasions, like birthdays.

Samantha carefully slid her finger along the lavender envelope flap, careful not to let the paper slice her skin or crush the handiwork inside. The card inside was bright orange, an unusual choice. She out the card, a smile on her face. White strips of paper had been twisted and spun into a lively paisley pattern with flower bursts throughout.

“If she spent half the time it took to make this card on her health…,” Samantha didn’t bother to finish her sentence. The only other person in the house wasn’t a person at all, and even if there were she knew it was a pointless thought. Her grandmother loved quilling and didn’t care to prolong her life by a few painful years and the cat didn’t care either way. She opened the card,

“My sweet Sammy,

I know, I know, this card wasn’t necessary… I just can’t help myself. The pattern reminds me of those pants you wore in elementary school, I’m sure I don’t have to dig up the picture for you to remember! I am so looking forward to our ‘High Tea’ next week. Penny & I are going hat shopping Friday, gonna find myself something bright and outrageous! I hope this birthday is your best yet.

                                                                               All my love, Gran”

“Another year older, another year wiser,” Samantha said . “I’m just glad that doesn’t mean I have to grow up.” Setting the card upright for display on the kitchen table, she went to get ready for Afternoon Tea with the sassiest 74-year-old in town.



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