Trick Or Treating (Or How to Canvas a Neighborhood While Breathless)

I hit the big 2-9 on Saturday.

29 weeks pregnant on Halloween.

It was perfect really. I’ve had a surge of energy lately (nesting maybe?) that allowed me to get G’s costume made before too late and I felt like I would be able to walk around without an issue.

What I think I look like in my frenzied mental state. Clean EVERYTHING

G wanted to be a mermaid but that was nixed when I couldn’t find a mermaid skirt I liked well enough to make and Hubby didn’t want a repeat of last year’s costume. (Better known as “We found all this.”) So I gave her the choice of a skeleton, a butterfly, or a bird. Easy costumes that required minimal sewing.

She chose a butterfly with green and purple on her wings. I used this tutorial’s pictures and “winged it” from there. Ha.

Other than having to glue everything twice because the first glue didn’t stick it was really easy. I ended up using a black cotton for the base of the wings when I couldn’t find felt by the yard. The mask I made from some foam, glitter paint, and a sheet of sparkle paper and stitched it to some elastic.

We practice what to say as we approached the neighborhood. At the first house she remained mute. The second house she mumbled “Trick or Treat” as she walked away. Eventually she worked up to “Trickortreatthankyou”. She got lots of compliments which made her turn mute and freeze to the sidewalk.

I think she used to be a very hungry caterpillar…
Felt, black cotton, elastic, and a foam sheet.

As for Mama, well, I made it. I didn’t walk up every driveway (especially not uphill) and we didn’t hit every house in the neighborhood. Hubby may have had to drag me the last 50 feet to Mimi’s house (all uphill!)

*Anyone who has never had to carry a 25lb bowling ball in their lower GI tract could not know the pain that comes with walking uphill across sloping grass.*

All the gasps and dizziness were worth it. She got more candy than she’s ever had in her life (minus what I’ve eaten so far) and had a great time walking around in costume.


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