Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, Book Review

In the spirit of Halloween I read Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children. I honestly thought this book would give me the willies and maybe a few nightmares. I mean that girl doesn’t exactly look like she wants a hug or to have tea in the sunshine.


Well, I was wrong.

Jakob grew up listening to his Grandfather’s stories of the peculiar children he lived with when he was young. The floater, the boy with bees in his stomach, the invisible boy… all watched over by a bird who kept them safe from the monsters. When Jakob begins to question the truthfulness of these stories he turns to his father who believes the tales are fictions created to cope with the Great War and losing his family.

When Jakob’s grandfather is gutted by a creature in the woods that only Jakob has seen, everyone thinks he has lost his mind. A small part of Jakob doesn’t mind this excuse from chores and not having to spend the summer with his Uncle learning to run the family business… But he also feels like he is legitimately losing his mind when the nightmares and anxiety won’t stop.

Maybe a visit to the island where his grandfather grew up will help dispel the myths and bring Jakob back to reality…

This book is awesome and I wasn’t scared once. Intrigued and excited and sad… yes. But never frightened.

I’m going to pick up the sequel tonight at the library. They’re holding it just for me!



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