Fourth Grade Ahead!


My favorite part of being a home school Mom is choosing the curriculum for the next year. It’s reminiscent of buying my new book bag and pencils for my own school year. (And if an extra box of crayons goes in the buggy tomorrow, so what?)

If you read my Third Grade Review then you’ll know that it was full of learning for L, myself, and her Step-Mom. The adults learned to be more cooperative and L learned that punishment chores are the worst.

I may or may not have started looking at curricula in March.

Thank you to the ladies in forums and in text messages that never fail to answer my questions.With their help and some research here are the choices we’ve made for the 2015-2016 school year:

drum roll steve

Language Arts

Life Pac – Year 4

Total Language Plus- Shiloh and Charlotte’s Web

Writing with Ease- Year 2

Social Studies

MyWorld- Grade 4

Story of the World: Volume 1 & 2 (We had a little left in the book from last year.)


Building Blocks of Science- Grade 4


Singapore Math- U.S. Version

I have worked with L this summer on time management. Mostly by giving her a set amount of time to finish a chore she hates or she gets an even worse one. Not sure if there will be any improvements in other areas…

I’m ready for your opinions because it’s too late to change it! Haha! Also, if you have any tips or hints about any of these, comment below. 🙂


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