Lailah, Book Review

519nMsXPlcL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I thought this book was about zombies. I mean, that cover art just screams “undead”… so I was pleasantly surprised to read that Kelly has written a twist on Angels, Vampires, their origins, and what lies between. (Although I have to admit, Styclar Saga just doesn’t roll off the tongue that well.)

Francesca is an undocumented girl who works for cash and gets flashbacks to past lives and dreams of a handsome guy with blonde curly hair and blue eyes (who doesn’t?). And knows about Vampires. And then rescues them from wooded side roads.


No big.

When more Vampires show up she is whisked away by her Vampire friend and transferred to the arms of her dream guy.

Wait a minute.


Yes, it happens that quickly. Nikki Kelly is not a woman who draws out events for pages. Her stories move. Honestly, at this point, chapter two, I didn’t think I was going to like this book. (Where was the suspense? The longing?) Kelly uses that energy to propel the entire story just as quickly without stopping to pine for lost loves or that one perfect cheeseburger the main character had three years ago. She does little more than pause to reflect that she worked in a pub at the start of the book for more than a paragraph.

Well done Nikki Kelly!


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