Allegiant, Book Review

I am almost positive that most of the YA readers in the world read this book years ago. I know I am woefully behind the times but the movie just really put me off of this series. It made me forget how great the books actually are. When my friend Renee mentioned she would be reading “Divergent” I was reminded I still had one installment left.

Lucky me, they had a copy at the library!


Allegiant_novel_cover“Allegiant” is the third in the “Divergent” Trilogy. Tris (Beatrice) must make choices that will decide the fate of the entire country and Four (Tobias) is right beside her in the center of what is wrong with their universe. My favorite part of this book is when the group finds out their city has a name, because it is just one city among many. Roth portrays the complexity of realizing you are not the center of the world with such perfection through her characters. (Some handle it better than others.) I also appreciated the addition of new environments and characters who were as original as they were familiar.

Veronica Roth really is a much better author than the screenplays make her out to be. Her characters have emotions that easily leap off the page into your own heart. I’ll admit. I cried through the end of this book, but I can’t say that I will ever watch the movie.

As I told Renee, read the whole series. It is ALL THE FEELS.

Have you read “Four”?

Check out Veronica’s Tumblr:


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