Big Girl Panties, Book Review

big girl pantiesI’m not sure what I was expecting from Miss Evanovich… Definitely not this racy little romance!

Logan, hot-as-the-surface-of-the-sun physical trainer, gets stuck in coach. Along comes Holly who wedges herself into the tiny seat beside his and the plane ride seems to be an adventure in “How to Maintain Personal Space When There Is None”. Then Holly cracks a joke, Logan notices how pleasant she smells, and we are off on an adventure that will change the lives of both characters forever.

I don’t normally read books with such saucy scenes in them.

I prefer fantasy to fetishes, what can I say?


Oh. Prince Arthur. I suppose I can make time for both.

Evanovich gives us some three-dimensional characters and does a great job of writing from multiple perspectives and giving everyone a unique voice. Based on her writing of Chase the star baseball player I can only guess what her favorite sport is… Or maybe who her high school crush happened to be? Either way, Chase the Golden Boy is the least realistic of them all. My only other criticism is that I would have liked Holly to have a little more adventure on the dating scene before settling down, even if only to highlight why she preferred Logan.

A great summer read, pick up “Big Girl Panties” and prepare to laugh! (And maybe blush, too.)

Have you read “Big Girl Panties”? Comment below!


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