Through A Glass Darkly, Book Review

I’ll admit I was intimidated by the sheer weight of this book. At 743 pages, a hardcover book could easily become an injury waiting to happen… especially if you’re reading in bed. Not that I would be so clumsy as to drop a book on my own face.




But I am so glad I didn’t let the book’s avoirdupois hold me back. “Through A Glass Darkly”, a historical fiction, begins in the year of our Lord 1716 (the same year we met a certain Scotsman in another universe) in a charming English country manor called Tamworth. The opening scene really sets the tone for the characters throughout the entire book: Harry is a trouble-maker, Diana is cruel and selfish, the Duchess is overbearing but loves her grandchildren, and Barbara is headstrong and impatient. The story of Barbara’s love for her betrothed, Roger, has all the trappings of a traditional love story but for Roger’s one secret…

Koen’s thorough research shines in this novel. I felt like I was transported in time with every page.

tumblr_n3ksa7lYFB1tvn4tko5_400Yes, this is how great I look as I stroll through the countryside on a sunny afternoon.

Don’t be afraid of big books! They’re often worth your time.

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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