Vacations From Hell, Book Review

This is one of those times that I started reading a book and got that familiar tingle in the front of my brain…


Yep. I’ve read this before. (However, this is a collection of short stories and I hadn’t read them all!) There are five stories in all by various popular YA authors:

Libba Bray: “Nowhere is Safe”

A well-told creepy story that takes place in a tiny village in Eastern Europe. A play on superstition and historical fact. Has some stronger language in it. I was okay with it but take caution if that is something that concerns you… If you’re reader is like me and reading “Cujo” before bed, you’re probably not gonna mind.


Cassandra Clare: “The Mirror House”

A decent quick story of a newly merged family and some awkward teen love meshed with an abusive new step-father and witchcraft. I can’t say that I didn’t like this story, but I would have liked it to be longer.


Claudia Gray: “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”

Witches and beaches and a Type A teen. I could read this as a full length book even if it is a bit familiar.


Maureen Johnson: “The Law of Suspects”

Seemed a bit… campy? Like campfire campy. It started off well but then just spiraled down to Girl Scout level.


Sarah Mlynowski: “Cruisin'”

I’m still on the fence about this one since it is the story I read twice. I can’t tell if it was predictable because I had read last year, or because the story was just meh. Either way, the twist isn’t that twisty but I’m glad it wasn’t really about losing your virginity on a cruise ship.



I always wanted to do that…

My BFF from 3rd grade and I looooooved scary stories. There was one about a man whose wife wore a red ribbon around her neck that really gave me nightmares and don’t get me started on Bloody Mary. This would be a great book to give to your niece for her birthday, especially if she likes scary stories and love. I will also be checking out these authors other works.

Have you read this book?

Did you ever tell scary stories to your friends?


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