The Diviners, Book Review

I cannot express how excited I was that Libba Bray had a new book series coming out. I was all like…


And then… I saw it was already out! No waiting!


Checked the library… Put that thing on hold and the next day it was in!

emma-stone-excitedIf you haven’t read any of Lib’s previous works you are totally missing out. And yes, we are totally on a nickname basis. She calls me Pecan. You weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.


So yea, I got the book and fell in love with it as soon as I opened it. The end pages are a wonderfully out of focus city at night. It totally sets the tone for the whole book… dark and full of potential.

And The Diviners is very dark. Evangeline, Evie, is a girl with a secret. She can read people just by touching one of their possessions. It’s a party trick, something she does when she’s been drinking, illegally thanks to prohibition, and feels like she is fading into the background. One night she goes too far, tells one secret too many, and is forced to leave Zenith, Ohio for the bright lights of New York. (Don’t tell her parents but she is thrilled to escape, even if she has to stay with her dull Uncle Will.) Her friend Mabel, who “is goofy over” Uncle Will’s assistant Jericho, is nearby to help her adjust to city life and she quickly befriends daring Theta, the Ziegfield girl, and her roommate Henry. Sam Lloyd is a thorn in her side. Memphis Walker is a numbers runner in Harlem but he used to be more, and now his brother Isaiah is starting to show signs that he is special as well.

I read this book like my three year old gobbles up grits. Bray transports you to the 1920s with the lingo and pop culture references of the time. So much so that I have caught myself using a few of Evie’s phrases! (Posi-tute-ly!) The characters are rich and the story is complex. My only regret is that I have to wait on the rest of the series to be published.

Such are the woes of the bibliophile.

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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