One Hundred Names, Book Review

If you read my post about “The Diviners” then you know I am dear friends with all of my favorite authors. Let me introduce you to Cecelia Ahern. She has a wonderful sparky imagination and is not afraid to push the boundaries of storytelling (check out “Rosie Dunn”).

I found “One Hundred Names” at another in my library system. In the past I have been hesitant to do this. Like the librarians would see me as selfish if I requested a book not on their shelves. Maybe they won’t let me in their club if I am too needy! But I’ve come to realize that not everyone who works at the library is judging me or is there because they love books. At least not in my town. So I’ll read what they have in the whole county, inter-library loans be damned!


I’ve come to check-out!

So Cecelia wrote yet another book and I read it.

It was great.


Kitty Logan, our main character, is in a bit of a mess. She didn’t do her proper homework for a TV news spot and now she and the network are being sued. It was supposed to be her big break! But amid all this professional scandal, her mentor is also dying of cancer. She asks Constance, “What story did you never get to tell?” She gets a list of names and no explanation, but she must make a story out of it or else she’ll be out of a job. Again.

Kitty is personable but even more so are the secondary characters who help bring Kitty to redemption. A pick-me-up and interesting story. I recommend this book for the beach, road trips, and the backyard hammock.


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