You Remind Me of Me, Book Review

I’ve had a few books by Dan Chaon on my list for a year or so and finally looked for him in the stacks, and checked out a couple. I read “You Remind Me of Me”, Chaon’s first novel, this past week.

you_remind_me_of_me“… begins with a series of separate incidents: 1977- a little boy is savagely attacked by his mother’s per Doberman; 1997- a little boy disappears from his grandmother’s backyard on a sunny summer morning; 1966- a pregnant teenager admits herself to a maternity home, with the intention of giving her child up for adoption; 1991- a young man drifts toward a career as a drug dealer, even as he hopes for something better.” — Book Jacket description

The story of Jonah, Troy, Norah, and Loomis is woven together like an intricate quilt. A heavy gray quilt with a few patches of navy blue and green, a reflection of the melancholy feel of the people and their stories, darkened by depression and lightened by very few happy moments. But while it is sad, I recognize the characters. I see myself and all the potential selves I could have been in another life.

Chaon knows his characters so well, describes their inner thoughts with such detail, that you can’t help but carry them around inside your head like memories.

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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