Sword of Truth Series, Review of Books 1-2

wfrEver pick up a book and start to read but something is niggling in the back of your brain. Like when you can’t remember if you locked your front door…

Skip ahead a few pages…

Ah. That’s it. I’ve read this before. *Thunk head on desk* My reading for the day ruined, I was able to look up the next book in the series and place it on hold.

The first book “Wizard’s First Rule” is a very well-paced read. The main characters (Richard and Kahlan) make sense, even if they seem a little too “nice”. I read it three or four years ago so I can’t give a very detailed review (sorry!) but I can say that the premise was good enough that I picked it up to read again… but didn’t remember reading the first time.

On a side note, when googling for the book covers for this book I found out that this series was turned into a live-action!


Awwww….  They make a nice couple.


Richard can guide me through the woods any time he likes. Goodness.

“Stone of Tears” is the second book in the series. Richard and Kahlan return for more adventures with the Mud People. Zedd heads off on a fact finding mission and gathers Adie the Bone Woman along the way. Chase and Rachel are pretty much missing for most of the book. Richard heads off with the Sisters of the Light for training- adventure and mishaps ensue! Kahlan, now the Mother Confessor, also goes on an adventure to the north bringing blood and death with her.


The Wizard’s First Rule applies heavily in this book and the Second Rule is introduced. (How many Wizard Rules are there I wonder?)

Halfway through “Stone” I was just reading through to get done… then the major conflict crept up on me and I was yelling out loud, “Nooooooooo!”

Goodkind is a successful author for a reason and I have not been disappointed yet.

I’ve got the third book upstairs… I’ll update you!


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