Finding Common Ground in a Blended Family: A New Approach to Home School

HomeschoolWe began a new chapter in our lives this year. My oldest daughter wanted to spend more time with her dad who lives 200 miles from us, and he had the solution: Home School.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would want to home school my children, be a home maker, cook from scratch, and generally be a pioneer woman… I would have said “duh!” cause I love all things homey. I was born to be a housewife in an independent woman’s era. Granted, I’ve done my fair share of independent woman-ing in the last decade.

But there was no way I could home school… I have to work!

I’d like to tell you that we came to an agreement through mutual respect and understanding. It was more like a loud altercation at a gas station brought on by high tensions and an innate sense that I was right (her dad was of the same opinion, thus the arguing). But after our frustrations were vented and an agreement on my part to give it a chance, I spent the next few months researching curricula and trying to find common ground and cooperation where I had never wanted to before. (Friends who home school were a wonderful resource that answered my endless questions and directed me to a few online forums for more information.)

So now we are in month four of a new frontier and it’s a challenge. What can I say? It has flaws. Two weeks a month she goes to a babysitter while me and my husband work, does some independent studying/homework type stuff and then when she gets home we work some more. (The other two weeks she is at her dad’s where it is a more traditional home school schedule.)

I have learned a two things so far:

First, I love the library way more than my daughter. Second, home school has shown me how smart my daughter is while at the same time revealing her weaknesses like public school never did.


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