“A Corner of the Universe”, Book Review

Ferris wheels make me nervous but that wasn’t always true. When I was six my dad took me on a weekend trip to the mountains. Santa’s Land, a Christmas-y wonderland in the middle of the Smoky Mountains, was where we rode the carousel, scrambler, miniature swings… and the ferris wheel. We rode that thing at least three times. My dad must have bribed the operator because every ride we stopped at the top, the mountains spread out below us in a breathtaking view, even seen through my six year old eyes.

Hattie lives in a small town and she is ready for a summer of reading library books and helping around her parent’s boardinghouse just as she has done every summer for years. When she sees a flier for a traveling carnival Hattie knows that this will be a summer to remember. Then an Uncle she didn’t know existed comes home to Millerton. Adam is no ordinary uncle. He is emotional and compulsive but he also speaks in a way that Hattie understands and identifies with, when he isn’t spouting lines from “I Love Lucy”. When the carnival comes to town the real adventures start for Hattie. She makes a new friend and spends her days riding the ferris wheel… and stopping at the top. It seems like the perfect summer…

I loved this book. So much emotion and truth is packed into this short novel that I read it in one sitting.


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