“A Bad Bride’s Tale”, Book Review

Meet Stevie, a woman who hears the tick of her biological clock more loudly than anything else in her life. It is time to settle down, properly, and start a family. No sperm donors or waiting for Mr. Right.

She has settled.

Meet Katy Norris, nearly opposite of Stevie (at least in looks and attitude towards food), but she has recently realized that she will not be beautiful forever. If she is going to marry she needs to get Sebastian to propose sooner rather than later.

These ladies are at a crossroads in their lives, which way will they turn?

Frought with family style drama that is all too common for any girl, nay woman, in her thirties, A Bad Bride’s Tale is an introspective look at the lives of two Brits who need something more out of life than career and financial stability. Polly Williams is now on my list of authors, those I read when they happen to publish something and recommend to friends.

If you have ever longed to be wed or to feel the wave of morning sickness wash over you, go pick up this book at your local library!



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