I Quit

Sibling rivalry has reared its ugly head in our household recently. My girls have not reached a new level in rudeness but there have been some unexplained bruises, some shut-ups and stupids.

So of course I went to the library. I read Siblings Without Rivalry and learned a few new tricks. It hasn’t helped my older daughter much but the little one has shown some real improvement in being able to express her feelings to others.

Last night the girls were annoyed with each other. My nine year old was working on some much avoided home school work and the three year old just wanted to play and be noisy. After about an hour in the play room the little one came to me…

G: Stop it! I don’t like that. It makes me mad!

Me: Good job telling us how you feel. What makes you mad?

G: When Sissy does ___________ it makes me mad.

Me: Did you tell Sissy? She needs to know what makes you angry.

G: (She walks around the island, thinking.) No. I quit.

I guess she had all she could take. Her Daddy took her by the hand and they went out in the garage for a few minutes to get her mind off whatever was bothering her. She came back inside, her normal happy self.

I’m proud of her for knowing her limits, even if it was just this once.



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