I’m Not Yummy

This morning my sweet little one walked into the kitchen, eyes puffy with sleep and said in her tiny voice, “Good mornin’ Mama.”

My first response to this of course is to scoop her up in my arms and hug her tight and ask, “Did you sleep well?”

I made her some cereal and set her in the chair. My hand grazed against her soft little tummy and her chubby little legs. I asked her in my most serious voice, “Can I have some of your tummy for breakfast?”

“No, Mama.”

“Please? It’s so yummy!”

“It’s not yummy. It’s yuck. You can’t eat it cause you already ate the yummy last night so no more tummy for you Mama.” She paused, thinking, “You can have some of my cereals. It’s my breakfast but you can share.”

I gave her a hug and breathed in that sweet toddler smell. She is growing up so fast.

But not so fast that I didn’t nom nom her tummy until she squealed.


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