“Yummy Mummy”

rise__smallIf you have never had a baby this book may not resonate with you as thoroughly as it did with me.

Polly Williams, author, introduces us to Amy Crane, new mother. Amy has a six month old darling but feel disconnected from life, smothered by her new-mother-ness. She hasn’t the energy for social calls, can’t seem to make any real friends who are mothers, and is in love with her baby. Her pre-baby life seems like an alien world that she dreamt up and I can agree with her. I think the birth of a baby (and every baby afterward) ushers in its own reality that you can never return from. Your life is segmented into Before and After.

Amy meets some new “yummy mummies” who seem to have it all together. They are gorgeous, thin, and don’t have spit up on their clothes. This is the type of mother Amy thought she, a former PR wizard, would be. Her relationship with her boyfriend is stale at best and she can’t seem to remember how to just be herself. Her new yummy friends start her on a path to make herself over: pilates, new clothes and hair, manicures… all things she had enjoyed before Evie came along.

But will the New Amy be enough?

This book is so worth the read. I know a few of my friends who would hear some of their own thoughts spoken or thought by Amy, even if we were too ashamed to ever say them out loud.

I plan to read William’s, “A Bad Bride’s Tale” this weekend. Review to follow!


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