Pride & Prejudice

I know, I know… I’ve been on a classics kick. I didn’t read most of these books in high school since my curriculum aimed more towards thought provoking novels rather than the tried and true.

Credit Amazon

In an effort to catch up, I read “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen.

If you’ve never read it or seen the movie (like me) you may be in for a shock. I laughed on the first page when I totally expected to hate it. And three chapters in, I wasn’t bored.

This is not a book you can read while distracted.  The flowery language and excessive commas and clauses make this book… heavy. (Sookie Stackhouse she ain’t.) However, I’m glad I read it.

I hate to admit that I do not have a crush on Mr. Darcy as so many of the fans of this book do. Maybe I am too jaded to be in love with arrogance (even if he works on his issues) or to feel as though Elizabeth was too proud.

Oh well. I have enough fictional boyfriends.

(Said no bookworm ever.)


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