I hope my toddler doesn’t understand numbers…

Or else she just crushed my Mommy-Heart.

I asked the cherub-faced babe, “How much do you love Mommy?” I expected to see her throw her arms wide in an effort to explain that she loves me so much that her arms can’t encompass it all.

Well, I was wrong.

She looked up at the ceiling, searching for an appropriate answer then proudly said, “Four!”

I said, “You love Mommy four?” This didn’t worry me because she likes to say “me three” at any given chance.


“Yes, I love you four.”

I couldn’t help myself. Maybe I wanted to test her numbers or maybe I just needed to hear that she loved me more. “How much do you love Daddy?”


Well crap.

Husband smiled and said, “Well, I did give her wafer cookies after dinner.”

So that’s his game, I thought. Let’s put this to the true test… 

“How much do you love Mimi?” (Mimi is one of her very favorite people because she has oatmeal creme pies and hot dogs at her house in unlimited supply. And sometimes she lets the dear babe drink Mountain Dew from the can.)


So I’m on the left of this love scale. That’s alright. I’ll tip my hat to the wielders of snacks and know that when she says, “You’re MY Mama. You belong to me,” that I am the winner after all.


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