The Time of My Life, Book Review

816E+MIBq0L._SL1500_Ever since I read “P.S. I Love You” as a love-lost pregnant girl I have been a fan of Cecilia Ahern. If I could have dinner with her I wouldn’t be able to eat for being starstruck and listening to her phenomenal Irish accent. 

This week I read The Time of My Life, an engrossing story about Lucy Silchester and her forgotten life. But her life is desperate to meet her. Lucy receives invitations to meet with her Life but she ignores it. She thinks her life is just fine the way it is, no need to meet with anyone. But she’s wrong.

I loved this book. Ahern’s characters are full of life and the plot is whimsical. I feel like I have worked with Lucy or maybe passed her in the grocery store. Her circle of friends are a little too cool for me to fit in but I could maybe be someone who lives in her building.

Lucy was so entrenched in the routine and single-ness of her life that she forgot to live.

If you’ve ever had a rut in your life (or maybe you are in one right now) you will love this book too.


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