I didn’t hate it, not even a little.

I snuggled up on the couch with some soup, my laptop, and my three year old. She really is a great snuggle bug. Her little head rests where ever it can and her thumb goes right into her mouth rendering her silent.

A perfect Netflix day, you know, a lazy sunday but without all the cupcakes. 


I had “Odd Thomas” on my list of movies to watch and hesitantly decided to watch. It is based on the first book in the Odd series by Dean Koontz which did not disappoint in the least. (Thanks to my friend Jason for suggesting this series. I have read three of the series and couldn’t find any of the others at my library.)

If you haven’t read them or seen the movie let me give you the run down: An average boy named Odd Thomas can see and interact with ghosts who are mute. He can also see some other supernatural forces called “bodachs” but those suckers are too nasty to mess with, plus they kill you if they find out you can see them. Odd has a troubled family background and lives alone, working as a fry cook in a diner in order to keep his life simple. He has a witty girlfriend named Stormy who he is destined to be with forever according to one of those creepy gypsy woman fortune teller machines. His ability gives him all kinds of problems in his day to day life but he manages to do some good by working with the police chief to catch bad guys.

The book is better. Loads better. But this movie was also very good. The animation of the bodachs and gratuitous death was great, Odd and Stormy’s banter was adorable. Odd (Anton Yelchin from Star Trek) and the police chief (Willem Dafoe) are the only actors I recognized in the entire movie but that definitely doesn’t take away from its success. Addison Timlin as Stormy was so wonderful and natural. They could have cast this role to a hotter-right-now, more well known, or fake-er actress. But they didn’t. (Yay them!) 


The only thing I missed was Odd’s interaction with Elvis. They gave a nod to this part of the book by having an Elvis cardboard cut-out standing in his apartment. And it could have been longer to allow more of his friend Oz, who was almost totally cut except for a never-before-mentioned handing over of a piece of steel. 

I also cried quite a lot at the end.

You have been warned

Have you read “Odd Thomas” or seen the movie? What did you think?


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