What do you do with extra pie dough?

You eat it!

Sometimes my Sunday is a cooking day. I don’t always mean to do it but sometimes I get swept up in the creative process. Also, something about a clean kitchen makes me want to dirty it up as quickly as possible. Nothing does that quite like baking.

I put a whole chicken in the crock pot with a couple carrots, stalks of celery, an quartered onion, and about five cloves of garlic. I put veg in first and then lay the chicken breast-side down. I added salt, pepper, and a cup of water and set it to high.

Then I watched “Odd Thomas” with my baby girl and had a good cry. The chicken didn’t miss me, I promise. After about 3 hours I turned it breast-side up in the crock pot. I don’t know if this step is necessary but it makes the end bit much easier for me.

Three hours and a hair cut later the chicken was fall apart tender. I normally put the whole crock into the fridge and let it all cool down so I pull it apart by hand, but I was in a hurry, so with a fork in each hand I salvaged all of the meat and put it into a pot. I scooped about half the broth and put that in the pot too.

I am super picky about jiggly bits and skin. I went through the pot again to make sure it was only meat.

More salt, more pepper, 1/2 cup of heavy cream, and two tablespoons of flour joined the chicken.

Rolling Pin and Flour on a Wooden Board, (Close-up)

Now for the fun part.

Pie dough from scratch!

I used to be so afraid of baking from scratch but Joy the Baker helped me to get over that. Her recipe is best made when your kitchen is hot since your hands will be immersed in cold butter, cold buttermilk, and cold dough. Today I used my new food processor (thanks Mom!) to blend the butter and dry ingredients together but I used a rolling pin and got my hands dirty after that.

I loaded three pie tins with chicken pie filling and then, one at a time, lay my pie crust on top. One went into the oven for dinner, one directly into the freezer, and one into the fridge… cause my freezer was full. (Pro tip: If you’re going to freeze these you will want to make sure your tin foil is VERY non-stick or spray it with cooking spray before wrapping it over the pie. If you don’t, no amount of prayer will get the foil off your crust in one piece.)

I thought I was finished but I still had pie dough in the bowl! I’ve always wanted to make a fruit pie… Roughly three cups of frozen strawberries and blueberries (I washed and froze these while they were in season but any frozen or fresh fruit will do) with a heaping of sugar went into the microwave.


I think a heaping is a real unit of measurement.

Yea, it totally is.

I nuked them and added two tablespoons of heavy cream before dumping it all into my final pie tin.

Oh yea and then I covered that with most of my pie dough. But still… I had leftovers! Did my pie dough multiply in the fridge? I rolled that out, sliced it into strips and laid it on a greased pan.

Then I had a mini anxiety attack over what to do with them.

So I made a mixture of cinnamon, a little orange juice, vanilla, and lots of sugar. I threw some crushed almonds at the pie sticks, sprinkled the sugar over top and slid them in the oven beside my fruit pie.

The verdict:

Chicken pie was delicious.

Fruit pie (topped with butter pecan ice cream) was also very good.

Pie sticks… needed butter and more sugar on top. But that’s what I get for winging it. They would probably be better with some whipped cream or ice cream. Or maybe crushed as a topping on ice cream. Mmmm.

If you didn’t see the link for my go-to pie dough recipe, click here. If you would like a better explanation of the crock pot chicken click here. I don’t use the same spices as she does and it still turns out just as delicious. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


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