It all started with a dream…

I woke up around 4am wondering what I ate for dinner that would give me such odd dreams. Then I remembered my history with dreams: they’re always wacky and often terrifying.

Just ask anyone who has happened to share my bed since ever. When your high school friend wakes up to you clutching her shirt and crying (or screaming) your relationship is never quite the same.


But I digress.

Last night I dreamt that everyone in my small town decided to have a reunion. Not just my graduating class… a random assemblage of people I knew growing up. This was acceptable. I didn’t mind dragging up old crushes from elementary school and turning them into grown-up-but-still-as-I-remembered friends. We even went on a hay ride and toured the neighborhood.

Sounds neat, yea? Well hold that image and let me tell you a little story about early/mid-1990’s Andrea. The person I was when all of this reunion stuff would have taken place. If it were real.

I don’t remember being especially emotional before puberty hit, but I have a weakness for sadness. What can I say, it’s part of who I am. This trait has given me a need to rectify wrongs and to help other sad-minded people. It also means that if something is remotely sad, I might cry.

For example, the song “Anymore” by Travis Tritt brought me to tears every time I heard it. My tender heart heard the words, “I can’t hold the hurt inside, keep the pain out of my eyes, anymore,” coupled with a young Mr. Tritt in a wheelchair playing basketball and recognized them as someone in pain. Someone who just didn’t love his girl anymore and he hated to tell her, but he needed to be free. She deserved to be free too.

And I was a glutton for punishment. I would sing along with the radio and the music video with tears in my eyes (sometimes under my breath so that nobody would know I was crying). It got to where just the intro to the song would bring tears. Thankfully, this was before youtube because when the song fell off the charts it also fell out of my life.

About five years ago I heard this song again, and as I was singing the words I realized I had been wrong all along! It wasn’t a song of heartbreak but a song of love and a stubborn man who was trying to push his woman away, but his heart wouldn’t let him! (Much better!)

So back to my dream.

After the friendly hay ride tour we all were instantly transported to a living room and lo, who was there but TRAVIS TRITT. And wouldn’t you know he was sitting in an overstuffed chair with the biggest, tear-filled, puppy-dog eyes I have ever seen? I tried to get to him, to tell him everything was going to be fine, I loved him too and we would work at our messy relationship until it was whole again… But I was thwarted at every turn. Someone would get in my way or I would get to the chair and he would be across the room again. Dream-Andrea tried a different tactic and attempted to avoid him but his eyes… HIS EYES. They followed me everywhere!

I woke up ashamed of myself. How could I have let him suffer like that, surrounded by happy reunion-ers? After a few minutes of being awake I came back to reality and felt incredibly silly. (I often have “dream hangovers” where the emotions of my dreams carry over into my waking mind.) I was able to get through my day but Travis’s eyes continued to flash through my mind.

So. Sad.

I’m a terrible person.

Do you have “dream hangovers”? Have you ever dreamt about a celebrity?


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