A Word of Warning

“I thought of you when I was getting dressed today” is not something you should say to an acquaintance.

Trust me on this.

Now, let’s look at what happened NFL Replay Style:
A few weeks ago a newly-met person admitted an affinity for a certain MMO. It was one of those unexpected moments where a bond is forged from the random commonalities of two people. However, this bond was totally one-sided as I did not inform the other person that I also loved this game.

Mistake Numero Uno.

The group conversation veered from topic to topic as people got to know each other. Now if you’ve not read my other post about my awesome ability to interact with strangers let me clue you in: I can be incredibly awkward and often say the wrong thing. Or I have the right thing to say but can’t bring myself to do so, as in this instance. So as people are talking, I begin to replay the conversation in my head. (I totally lost the current thread as everyone chimed in appropriately.) I could have said something funny. I could have gotten the laughs!

I muttered, “I used to play X, too.”

Nobody acknowledged me, and why would they? They had moved on to stories of nights out and work woes while I watched mute until my time had long passed.

Now, stop the tape and let’s get back to the situation at hand.

IMG_0054“I thought of you when I was getting dressed today.”

Taken out of the context of my brain, it sounds incredibly creepy and/or incredibly forward.

Let me explain myself. I (innocently) meant that as I stood looking at my wardrobe choices, I saw my Game X tee and thought, “So and so would totally laugh at this shirt. Or at least maybe smile.” That would be my chance to proclaim our mutual interest, bond in nerd-dom, and potentially begin a friendship!

But then I panicked. Yes, in my own closet with nobody there to see my hesitancy at choosing a shirt or to read my mind, I panicked. I chose another, plainer, shirt and walked out the door. Crisis averted yea?


Because the first thing I said when I saw this person was, “I thought about you when I was getting dressed today.”

He smiled in the same patronizing way that someone would smile at a well-meaning grandmother. “You… did?”

Oh. Em. Gee. Backpedal! Explain!

“Yes, I remembered that you said you liked X and then I have this shirt with X characters on it and I almost wore it but then I didn’t.”

Yes, there, now he will understand.

But the awkward moment stretched and yawned like a cat in the sunshine taking its time while I stood there mortified. Thankfully, everyone moved on and nobody looked at me again for a few minutes so I could mentally berate myself.

And so continues my awkward life saga.


What is your worst “foot-in-mouth” moment? Comment below!


4 Replies to “A Word of Warning”

  1. Thanks for sharing. This reminds me of my own awkward conversations. I usually wait too long to add to the conversation, and its already moved on to new topics, so I stand there in silence, awkwardly haha


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