Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Or Sometimes You Need a Change

I am a chocolate fiend. A choco-holic. Someone who, in desperate times, might resemble Augustus Gloop shoveling chocolate bars into his face non-stop.


If I fall into the chocolate river and get sucked up into the tubing, don’t worry… I’ll die happy. But sometimes you need a change. Every now and then routine stops being a comfort and becomes just that, routine.

I had to stop at the grocery store for some last minute dinner ingredients and was inevitably drawn to the ice cream section. I normally would choose the chocolatey-est thing in the freezer.

I reached for the brownie sundae and stopped.

I had two choices. Get the same thing with some small variations, or get something completely different. So I grabbed the butter pecan before I could second-guess the second-guesser.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s just ice cream, Andrea. It really isn’t all that life changing. You didn’t even get a different dessert! You could have gotten popsicles… Or restrained yourself and gotten a vegetable instead!”

Well. You’re right. I did still get ice cream. I didn’t veer far from my beaten dessert path.

“So what are you talking about? You’ve really got to start looking at the bigger picture. Race riots! Disease! Ice Buckets!”

Listen here, you. I believe that even small changes matter. (Maybe an infinite number of infinite universes exist based on whether we turned left or right. Or drank orange juice instead of milk for breakfast.) This belief means that if I don’t like who I am today, I can be different tomorrow. I extend this belief to everyone and everything in the knowable world.



Everything can be changed. If you really want it to.

So today I had a rather large bowl of butter pecan ice cream. It reminded me of days with my Ma-maw and Pa-paw when I was young. Chocolate is always delicious, the darker the better and if it has nuts or marshmallows so much the better.

But today butter pecan is just what I needed.



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