Books in Review, Aug 23

I sit firmly in the “a good book never gets old” camp. So I’ve been reading some books not-so-recently released.


“Bee Season” by Myla Goldberg

Goldberg brings young Eliza to life in such a way that I want to hug her, wake her up out of those TV re-runs even before her father finally takes notice. Honestly, her father and brother probably need a hug too. Her mother would recoil as if burned if you tried to hug her in earnest. The Naumann’s have a functioning dysfunction that is so realistic. It hurt me to watch Eliza find herself, a true ability that she never knew existed, only to feel that she was tearing her family apart. In truth, her family was falling apart from its very inception. Aaron and his search for God, her father’s willful ignorance, her mother’s mental illness surfacing at the wrong time. But when is the right time to go insane?






“The Foretelling” by Alice Hoffman
Hoffman is a favorite author of mine but her books can sometimes be hit or miss. I read “The Foretelling” in an afternoon, the mythology of Rain’s story was captivating. The image of women archers who had cut off their breast so their aim would always be true, their dark braided hair and fierce war cries kept me turning the pages. Rain’s life story was full of mystery and purpose right until the end. I enjoyed watching her become a woman in her own right.






20111101-HeartoftheMatter“Heart of the Matter” by Emily Giffin

This is not Giffin’s first book nor her first book I’ve read. I will not be finishing this book. I knew two chapters in that I would be angry while I read it and I was right. Judge me if you want, but I am a grown woman. I can stop reading a book whenever I’d like and I will still get my dessert.

That being said, Giffin can write a good story. I just didn’t want to hear this one.






Leave your suggestions in the comments! 



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