Asian Mahi Mahi & Slaw with Fried Rice

photo 2

We love Asian food around my house. I have been making a conscious effort in the last two years to clean up our diet by eating less pre-prepared meals (think blue boxes of mac & cheese) and more things my great-grandmother would have made. (My Ma-maw is a huge fan of commercially canned and frozen foods. She grew up poor and did her share of hard work before the age of 14 when she got married. I can’t blame her one bit for taking advantage of someone else’s preparations.)

So anyways, if my great-grandmother Williams had been a world traveler she would have made this dinner. 

I chose an asian slaw from 100 Days of Real Food and threw a marinade together based on several recipes on like this one

Mahi mahi is a fish that can take some flavors and hold onto them, yet still retain its own sweetness. At least that’s what the guy at the store told me.

Also it was on sale. 

So I put the fish fillets in a plastic bag and poured in soy sauce, grape seed oil, minced garlic, a little lime juice, and grated ginger. Then I placed the fish-in-bag on the counter and gave the fillets a good massage. This may or may not be a bonafide way to impart flavor into the fish or it may not be. It just felt right at the time. I let the fillets rest. (I couldn’t throw them into the pan right away, they were experiencing the ultimate relaxation!)   

photo 3

I shredded the radishes and cabbage, used my best fork to mix together the… sauce(?) and tossed the whole bowl in the fridge, uncovered even, while I started cleaning the mess. I also put 1.5 cups of jasmine rice and 3 cups of salted water on the stove to boil. 

I removed the fish fillets from their relaxation chamber and plopped them skin down in a hot pan. I also heated another pan of oil with garlic and scooped the cooked rice into that. Soy sauce, butter, frozen peas, and scallions went into the rice as well. (I like to let the rice get crunchy on the bottom.) 

The verdict:

If I make the slaw again I will skip the cilantro. Mahi mahi was flavorful but I prefer salmon, as does my husband. Littlest girl didn’t like it at all. My rice is amazingly wonderfully good so no complaints there. 🙂

Do you tend to cook one food more often than everything else?


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