Crying at the Movies

movie_audience_member_crying_42-16193187I am so glad I sprang for popcorn and drinks tonight.

(What does popcorn have to do with crying, you ask? Let me tell you!)

On the right I carried my (new) purse, jacket, tickets, and a small child’s hand. In the left: popcorn, drink, straws, and napkins. We found our seats, i doled out the popcorn and had a seat. The family movie was sweet, and it was funny, and it was heartwarming.

And then…. IT WAS A TRAGEDY.

My throat closed up and tears were falling. I thankfully had a wad of leftover napkins in my lap and was able to wipe my face with popcorn grease and salt to absorb my sorrow.

(No honey, I’m not crying, I just got salt in my eyes from all these napkins pressed to my face. No, no, I’ll be fine. Later maybe I can test the effectiveness of my face wash against hydrogenated oils.)

I am a sucker for a sad story and I cry at nearly every movie. But if you really want to see tears? Hand me a book with filled with sadness.

Flashback: 2005

I am pregnant. Very pregnant. Unmarried and in a not-so-great place in my life. I am reading P.S. I Love You. I read that entire book through a film of tears that fell like the dark chocolate chips I kept sneak-eating at work. I was the roundest, puffiest, teariest bibliophile around.

But don’t blame the hormones.

Flash-even-further-back: 199?

Twelve years old. As I read Cujo, I bawled outloud. So much that my mother came to check on me, took one look at me and the book in my snot-covered hands and quietly closed the door.

Flash-forward-ish: 2010

The Time Traveler’s Wife. Need I say more?

This is just a brief list, don’t even get me started on the Harry Potter years of tears.

So yea.

When there is a hint of sadness, strife, or even the happily-ever-after… I will be bravely trying to keep my chin still and keep those tears where they belong, and failing. But that’s alright, isn’t it? We’re all looking to connect and feel something more than ourselves. Why else open our hearts to the stories, real or not, of others?

What are some of your favorite tearjerkers?

P.S. I am STILL mourning Henry.


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