Rain rain go away…


     Summer vacation is winding down for me and I am… apprehensive.

     I can’t help but feel that I have missed out on some great adventure with my kids. You know the kind… a day that the girls would remember forever and one that I would look back on with some vacation-commercial-esque longing.

But try as I may I am just a regular mom with a busy schedule and too many lists to complete. None of which include dreamy days of cloud watching on blankets while flocks of butterflies waft across our sapphire skies. (Or do butterflies come in a herd, like cows?)

No matter.

Today was supposed to be a pool day. The only one I’ve been able to schedule this summer and it is cloudy with weatherman guaranteed storms this afternoon. So our plans changed. Instead of lounging in the sun getting much needed vitamin D, this morning I made lemonade and chatted with a friend about the challenges of parenting and working. I swept the kitchen but couldn’t find the dustpan, so the mess is in a neat little pile waiting to be thrown away.

The house will be dirty no matter how much I clean it because little girls don’t see a mess, they see a blanket fort. My kitchen will be a mess because I feed my kids often and well and afterwards I sometimes need a break too.

Cheers, rain clouds. Let’s see what me and my sewing machine can do today.


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