Plague in the Mirror, Book Review

If you’ve read any of my other book reviews then you know I’m pretty lenient and normally enthusiastic about the books I pick up at the library.


Plague+for+web“Plague in the Mirror”: a girl whose doppleganger from the past appears in ghost form and takes her into the past where she may not be able to escape.

At least that’s what the book jacket says. I never got past page twenty-two. I really wanted to read this book. Historical fiction is a huge undertaking, even more so for the YA crowd, but I could NOT get past the writing style of Noyes.

The prologue begins in present tense, a weird present/first/third person thing going on. I plow through because a ghost showing up in your bedroom is scary stuff. It continued into the first chapter and I tried. I really, really tried. The tenses change mid-paragraph and I couldn’t tell if something had happened, was going to happen or was happening right now! I tried reading it aloud but all that did was confirm my annoyance.

So this book is going back to the library, its pages unruffled, its story untold. I wonder if her other books are written in the same style?

I may have to check out one or two for good measure.

Have you read this book? 


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