Diary of a Stray, Book Review

After being carried away by “A Corner of the Universe”, I saw this book by Ann M. Martin and added it to my library pile. My oldest daughter loves animals so I like to keep an eye out for books she might enjoy.


Martin tells the story of Squirrel, a stray dog, who is born in a shed and lives wild for most of her life. She encounters humans as kind, as negligent, as loving as the people who surround you. It is hard not to picture people that you know starring as George, Susan, or the kind folks who feed strays in alleyways.

I wasn’t as captivated by this story as I was by “Universe”, but I suppose that would be like comparing apples to grapples. “Diary of a Stray” was a glossed-over story spanning a decade or more in a mere 179 pages. Maybe if I’d read this book before reading Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”… Despite my disenchantment I still recommend this book for early novel readers, like my daughter, who like a happy ending.


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